100% mobile service! We come to your home or work place to take care of your vehicle. Whether it's a simple door ding, crease, or even a larger dent, we come with all the specialized tools & equipment needed to repair your vehicle. Because we don't use any grinding, painting, or body fillers, your vehicle maintains its original factory finish. Usually much cheaper than a body shop and much faster turn around time, we can have your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition in most cases under an hour, without you even having to alter you schedule around the repair!


Dent Finesse has been helping dealerships, car rental companies, body shops, and auctions keep their cars ding free since 2002. With over 14 years of experience, Dent Finesse has built an excellent reputation and network of partners in the Boston, Metro West & Worcester area. We offer discounted wholesale pricing for high volume accounts. Dent Finesse takes pride in the quality of their work and reliability of service to our auto industry partners.


Dent Finesse can even remove dents out of motorcycle gas tanks, and fenders!

We service almost all makes and models including (Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Ducati, BMW, Triumph, and sports bikes). Many tanks and fenders can have custom paint jobs and be very expensive to repaint, let us take a look at first before you decide to bring it to a Body shop.

Usually a few pictures is all that's needed to determine the likelihood of PDR and a rough estimate. Picture message to (508) 735-7900.


Estimates usually take about 20-30 minutes and needs to be done in person.

It involves determining the number of dents in each panel and the severity of the damage overall. Once the estimate is approved by the insurance company, we remove all interior panels with damage to gain access to the back side of the cars sheet metal. We then push each individual dent until the whole car is smooth as glass. Our process maintains your vehicles factory finish and value. It's the most cost effective and quickest method of repair, preferred by the auto insurance industry. Repairs can take 1-3 days and need to be performed in a shop or garage.


Bumpers may be plastic, but they are also repairable using PDR! The same principles apply. Sometimes the dents can even be much larger than a "metal" panel and be brought back to original shape. If scuff marks and paint transfer from whatever hit the bumper are visible we can buff and sand them out in most cases. Again a much more efficient and cost effective method to repairing your vehicle.